After the inventions exhibition was done, the inventors were divided into groups, where they competed against other teams to invent new ideas from scratch, in a hackathon-style competition for 48 hours. In this section, the groups should choose an idea and bring it to the prototyping stage within the specified time. After scientific investigations and through the logical process of turning ideas into inventions based on teamwork, the ideas reached the prototyping stage and at the end of this time, they were questioned and answered by the evaluation board. Items such as originality, the ability to enter the market, the completeness of the production justification plan, and the degree of possible acceptability of the designs were among the important criteria of the jury in deciding the first designs.

Ms. Mahsa Eskandari was cooperating with 8 inventors from different countries including Sweden, Russia, Ukraine, Morocco, etc. This team was named Secure Hero and they were providing a revolutionary, affordable, portable, and multifunctional device to protect unwanted recordings and give privacy back to every individual.

The outcome was spectacular and Secure Hero won first place and received a group prize worth 250,000 Qatari Rials (65,000 US dollars) in this challenge section.

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